Phase 4.

The selection of premium materials, modern construction techniques and high level of finishing are the main features of A blok, and therefore phase 4 as well. The contemporarily designed residential – business building stands out from the rest of the previous three phases. The structural facade, apart from the unique visual appearance, provides all apartments with a huge amount of daylight. The apartments vary in size and structure, and are available in sizes from 30 to 250 sqm, with one to five rooms. The special offer in this phase, are business suites and residential apartments on the ground floor, which have private garden access.

Business suites, in addition to all of the other features, offer the latest in heating and cooling technology, providing the possibility for over 60% energy savings compared to standard AC systems.

Green areas span around the entire complex and between the buildings, cover over 9,000 sqm. Spacious lobbies with 24/7 reception and security, private gardens on the first floor level, underground parking garage on two levels with 30 electric car fixtures, finalize the construction of A blok, making it the most prestigious place for urban and comfortable living.

Shopping zone


The Shopping zone of A Blok is located in Jurija Gagarina street, number 20, only 100 m from Delta City. It has 59 commercial units, over 50 of which have been operating successfully for years, while 6 are available. In phase 4 another 15 commercial units will be constructed. There is a large number of open air parking spaces available within the shopping zone, as well as a special commercial parking garage intended for visitors of the shopping zone.

For more information please visit our showroom on the corner of Jurija Gagarina and Omladinskih brigada.



With the aim to offer the market apartments that will stand out with the quality of both materials and finishing, we designed A Blok, a residential and commercial complex with 25 strips (23 residential and 2 commercial), retail space in the form of a shopping zone on the ground level and an office building.

The architectural and structural concept of the complex that is reflected in the striking facade and gentle cascades exudes modernity and warmth. The combination of brick, ventilated facade cladding and painted facades creates the sense of a natural and pleasant place to live, tailored to people. Everything is focused on the quality of life, comfort and health of future residents.

The construction of the complex has been divided into four phases, three of which have been completed and populated, while the construction of the fourth phase and the sale of business and personal apartments starts in 2018. All of the necessary documentation for the beginning of construction is in its final phase, and the beginning of construction and signing of contracts with future owners is expected in Q1 2018.


Deka Inženjering was established in 2011 with the aim to develop a project for construction of residential and office complex on one of the most beautiful locations in New Belgrade. The application of the highest standards in design and construction, environmentally friendly materials, the unity of the best building traditions with modern trends and customer focus are the foundations of development of Deka Inženjering.

DEKA Inzenjering